Intelligent Information Retrieval (IIR) Based Clustering Algorithms: State-of-The-Art

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Azal Qussay Saeed
Essa Ibrahim Essa


The great spread of the Internet and the steadily increasing volume of data constituted a great motivation for researchers to explore new and efficient ways to manage, access, and benefit from them in a way that ensures the reduction of time, effort, and cost. As Intelligent information retrieval techniques (IIR) contributed to this end as one of the most important fields of information science that are concerned with searching, indexing, and retrieving the required information. To achieve easy and fast access to the enormous data should be divided into groups containing the same objects. Clustering is a useful data mining tool for dealing with IIR systems that can be clustered utilizing any of the clustering algorithms. In order to have a deeper understanding of these topics and to know the latest findings of the researchers in this regard, this research paper reviews the literature on IIR systems and their related clustering algorithms for the past eight years. Intending to form an optimal retrieval system that uses the best clustering algorithm to optimally retrieve the data required by the query according to the user needs.

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Saeed, A. Q. ., & Essa, E. I. (2023). Intelligent Information Retrieval (IIR) Based Clustering Algorithms: State-of-The-Art. Journal of Advanced Sciences and Nanotechnology, 2(2), 215–225.