Journal of Advanced Sciences and Nanotechnology is a medium for global academics to exchange and disseminate their knowledge as well as the latest discoveries and advances in the science and engineering of Nanotechnology. To realize this objective, Journal of Advanced Sciences and Nanotechnology follows a libre open access. We do not charge authors for any submission or processing fees. Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the Editorial Board and reviewers of Journal of Advanced Sciences and Nanotechnology in a double blind method before acceptance for publication.



Topics covered in the journal include:

  • Chemistry
      1. Physical Chemistry
      2. Organic Chemistry
      3. Inorganic Chemistry
      4. Biochemistry
      5. Analytical Chemistry
      6. Materials Chemistry
      7. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
      8. Agricultural Chemistry
      9. Industrial Chemistry
      10. Pollution Chemistry
      11. Computational Chemistry


  • Nanotechnology
      1. Nanomaterials
      2. Synthesis Nanomaterials
      3. Applied Nanoscience
      4. Nano Biomedicine


  • Physics
      1. Energy Science and Technology
      2. Quantum Physics
      3. Optics and Lasers
      4. Solid State
      5. Nuclear Physics
      6. Acoustics and Vibrations
      7. Condensed Matter


  • Biology and Medical Sciences
      1. Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
      2. Animals and Insects
      3. Parasites and Mushrooms
      4. Microorganisms and Immunology
      5. Biofilm and Antibiotics
      6. Clinical Medicine and Diagnostics
      7. Nutrients, Antioxidants, and Metabolomics
      8. Physiology
      9. Public Health and Healthcare
      10. Dental Public Health
      11. Pathogens and Viruses
      12. Vaccines
      13. Genetics


  • General Science
      1. Accounting Sciences
      2. Mathematical Sciences
      3. Environmental Science
      4. Atmospheric Sciences
      5. Sports Sciences


  • Computer Science and Engineering
      1. Computing and Artificial Intelligence
      2. Mechanical Engineering
      3. Civil Engineering
      4. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
      5. Applied Industrial Technologies
      6. Chemical Engineering
      7. Robotics and Automation
      8. Aerospace Science and Engineering
      9. Marine Science and Engineering
      10. Transportation and Future Mobility
      11. Agricultural Science and Technology
      12. Additive Manufacturing Technologies
      13. Simulation

Accepted types of manuscript are research, review, short communications and expository papers, on all scopes above.